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17 May 2022

Our Policy

Different Journeys respects your right to privacy.

This policy says how we collect and use your personal information, and what happens if you want to change or delete your information.

What information does Different Journeys collect?

Different Journeys collects personal information from employees, volunteers, other team members, and members of the autistic community. Personal information is anything which can be used to identify you, like your birthday.

Different Journeys collects information only when it is reasonably necessary for:

  • our services  
  • our activities
  • everyone’s safety

Different Journeys collects information with your permission, or your parent or authorised person’s permission.

Different Journeys never collects personal information without you knowing about it.

How Different Journeys collects information

Different Journeys collects information through:

  • forms you fill out
  • our website, which tracks your IP address
  • our event ticketing system (Trybooking)
  • phone cal
  • email
  • conversations with you

If Different Journeys gets your information any other way, and it is not information we already need from you, we will destroy it.

What we do with your information

Different Journeys staff and some volunteers will also see your information, if it helps us give you services and keep you safe. They will all keep your information private and confidential.

Different Journeys will not share your information with anyone else without your permission, or your parent or authorised person’s permission.

How to take control of your information

We write to you every six months to check on your information. If you want to stop getting our emails, write to admin@differentjourneysasd.com

If you want to make other changes, just write to us, and tell us what you want and why.

Different Journeys will then:

  • write back to you
  • ask for any more information we need to make a decision
  • warn you if your request will stop us giving you service or keeping you safe.
Notifiable Data Breaches

If Different Journeys thinks we have lost or shared your information when we should not have, Different Journeys will:

1. Take action to stop your information going any further
2. Decide if the lost or shared information is likely to cause serious harm to you or anyone else.

Different Journeys decides this by thinking about:

  • The kind of information lost or shared
  • How private the information is
  • How the information is protected
  • Who could get your information
  • What could stop them getting it
  • How it might hurt you

If harm is not likely, Different Journeys will do nothing.

If harm is likely, Different Journeys will: 

1. Prepare a compliant statement about the breach for the Office of the Information Commissioner, and then follow any instructions
2. Send you the Statement, or put it on our website if we can’t reach you
3. Discuss it at our next Board meeting

If you want to complain about your information being lost or shared, please refer to our Conflict or Issue Resolution Process and email it to the Executive Officer.

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